I will do my best…. to not vomit.

Let me start by saying I received my Arrow of Light from troop 745 and my first class rank from troop 372 before a severe eye injury forced my resignation from the BSA. Up until this point I did my best for God and my country, scouts honor! Being a Boy Scout may have been the best thing I ever did in my otherwise wasted life until I became a father. See the cool thing about Boy Scouts was you got to be just one of the guys. You learned valuable life lessons while tooling about with your buddies doing man stuff! The knife, the compass, the uniform, it made made me feel so Grown up. I’m going to say this as politely as possible, allowing girls into the ranks is going to open up a proverbial Pandora’s box of issues. You place a girl in the presence of a bunch of hormoned up teenage boys the only badge they’ll be trying to earn is 2nd base. Segregated camping trips and separate bathroom facilities, it’ll be a mess.

Let’s see the outrage from mom and dad when lil Suzy comes home from Camp wickamucka with child!! Gladiatorial events will be breaking out amongst the boys over the attention of the female scouts. The gender shaming of the girls by fellow too young to know better Scouts, the I dare you to’s leading to sexual harassment or worse. This is a bad bad situation where boys will be boys can easily turn into boys will be criminals. That two fingered salute is going to take on a whole new meaning.

The Girl Scouts aren’t accepting male applicants yet right? I knew plenty of young schemer who would have gladly joined the Girl Scouts with hopes of added female attention in his young life. That’s just the mindset at that age. I’m not saying all teenaged boys are like that, no scratch that, that’s exactly what I’m saying! It’s the nature of the beast. Puberty breeds a bunch of little perverts scrambling to have a better story to tell than their other little pervert friends. How many girls are gonna be humiliated by lying little weblo’s saying they made out or copped a feel? True or not it’s the teenage way to embellish.

So, as the father of four beautiful daughters, whom was also a pubescent boy myself once, would never EVER allow my girls to be Boy Scouts. It’s for their own good. It’s for the good of every girl. Every boy distracted from his archery badge because he’s too busy trying to shoot something else. Every scout master who could be accused of inappropriate conduct with a female scout. That I say that this should be reversed quickly lest the Scouts implode under their own politically correct undoing. 

Mamma’s don’t let your daughters grow up to be girls scouts. Let the boys be boys. And god bless America!!


Toy Soldiers 

Social justice warriors. Gender confused ANTIFA tooth picks. Leftist radicals idolizing images of Che Guevara. These are our modern media darlings. Fighting the good fight for their 1st amendment rights!! These images and ideologies flood our social media outlets. 

Century old bronze statues of brave southern heroes get defaced and removed. The limp wristed powers that be fight to ban the confederate battle flag. Social media comes with their proverbial roll of duct tape to cover the mouths of those speaking out in defense of our heritage.

We who speak out against our 1st amendment right being infringed by leftist trolls and shadow bans. Villainized for remembering our brave forefathers who’s memory is being cast aside like an old toy outgrown by its owner. Our opinions are viable and inalienable. Our flags are free expression of our history. Our monuments are beautiful art, memorials to brave men, not TOY SOLDIERS. 

The real soldiers on the front line here are being silenced by media outlets. Attacked by leftist criminals. Ignored by the same politicians they vote into office.

I’m not trying to preach here, just reminding everyone that there are people out there who still care….. 

Hell on earth amongst the poppies 

They call it an opiate crisis. A war on drugs. Take it from a man who served a few tours in the opium soaked trenches, war really is hell. I still bare the scars, both mental and physical, from a decade long opioid addiction. I’ve seen families destroyed, lives ruined and lives ended. Hell, it almost ended mine.

When you envision your latter years, you think about you and your buddies spouting off “remember that time…” stories over a few cold ones. Imagine if almost everyone of your childhood friends was now an opiate death statistic. Welcome to what’s left of the 00 Buck roster, there are two of us. Our whole neighborhood gang now consists of two people. Luckily I was spared the ultimate price for my sin, twice brought back from that precipice. I’m a family man now, wife, 3 beautiful daughters. Something to live for. It wasn’t that long ago, though, that I was ripping and running for my next fix. 

Out of respect for the dead I won’t say any names, just know though, I grew up around some of the funniest, talented and generous cats God ever blessed this earth with. Guys who I miss dearly. Confidantes and true friends I will never share a laugh or conversation with ever again. Some left behind fiancées, children, and they all left behind friends and families who still grieve their losses. I’m not out to sound preachy, I just want to humanize the situation to those who may only see statistics or the inhumanity of addiction. When a junkie lives and dies he leaves a wake of damage and heartbreak. He is not the only one tormented. It effects everyone he/she had ever came in contact with. Again I was lucky, a lot of families and friends and addicts are not.

There is no excuse for an addicts actions, and you may view them as subhuman. Remember though, they’ve got a mamma just like you. She has cried herself to sleep at night worrying about the inevitable. I know there isn’t a bandaid solution to this epidemic. Hell, I don’t even know if it deserves one. I do know the human cost of addiction though. I know the ripple effect of lives effected by it. I know the world has missed out on some beautiful things and beautiful people because of it. Lives painfully spent making selfish decisions instead of utilizing potential. I know that this is a war we lose even in victory. I know the real crisis, and it is the innocent bystander that pays dearly for the addicts choices. So Rest In Peace all my fallen compadres, here’s to what y’all could have been, the world might forget but I won’t. Here is a thank you too the Lord Almighty for sparing and taking pity on this poor sinner. My condolences to all those grieving the loss, mothers dreading “that” phone call, and children who will never know the good that lie beneath that grave or parent they can’t remember. To the rest of you may you live in good health and never know any of those dreadful feelings. Sláinte!!!

Cultural appropriation is racist! So I hear. White children dressed as Disney princesses of different cultures and races is racist!! Halloween is RACIST!! If you are melaninly challenged only, of course. Kids are kids, they don’t think in colors, they think about what is cool. I’ve never seen an Asian complain that every kid on earth has dressed as a ninja at some point. Culturally appropriation by children on Halloween is where racism begins. If that’s how y’all really feel about it, STOP CELEBRATING HALLOWEEN!!! Stop appropriating a white European tradition!! You aren’t Celtic, why are you celebrating their culture??? YOU RACIST BADTARDS!!! 

Obviously I could care less who of what creed or race wants to celebrate whatever holidays they want. On a holiday that brings so much excitement and joy to our children, why politicize it? We are supposed to be a melting pot, right? We are supposed to be supportive and tolerant of other cultures, right? Then why the hell is it wrong that a six year old wants to dress as Pocahontas? It’s ok for a six year old to decide he wants to be a gender neutral in our society but not to wanna be Moana for Halloween? I thought Disney princesses were supposed to be role models for all little girls, not just ones of similar skin tone.

Someone finding interest in your culture is in some way destroying your cultural identity? I suppose then we should all stop eating food dishes invented by anyone besides our direct ancestors. Remember boys and girls, next time you are at your local sushi joint, using chopsticks is racist you cracker ass cracker!! These rules only seem to apply to white folks however. Evil minded political pawns are effectively trying to turn Halloween into another way to race shame white children.

Take a knee… to the face.

Yes my liberal friends, I have heard REPEATEDLY that this protest isn’t about disrespecting the flag. You see though, of course it is, because regardless of intent, that is exactly what you are doing!!!! 

It’s not about social injustice, intolerance, raising awareness, nah. It’s about a bunch of spoiled divas making a scene. Hop aboard the attention train, next stop “look at me”ville. You may play a hero on Sunday tv but the fact is real heroes die for that right. Real heroes die every day to protect the freedoms you arrogantly take for granted. 

Next time some one takes a knee, imagine every American veteran past and present they are kneeing in the face. Proverbial knees obviously but the ultimate disrespect of the ultimate sacrifice no less. I’ll keep it short, stand up, men stand up, for their country, for their people. Cowards kneel, submit. The only person to kneel before is the almighty and he don’t live on no football field. You want to be a man stand up, before you find yourself being knelt on. God bless America , and god help the weak minded buying into this garbage….. end of rant, good night. MERICA!


You see em, hell they have not so quietly invaded our streets and social media outlets like a biblical plague. ANTIFA or whatever extreme left wing domestic terror set you claim. Fighting tirelessly to end the “fascism” oppressing our world, clad in black bandannas and ski masks, blocking roadways, insiting violence. Bang up work fellas, keep it up. Keep proving your message of acceptance, unity and diversity it a sham by attacking anyone or thing that doesn’t fit your narrative. Way to promote peaceful coexistence!!

Mob mentality does not make you brave. Worthy of praise. Revolutionary. You are cowards, not because of your beliefs, but because you swarm outnumbered targets in mass. Too frightened to square up or speak up unless you are protected by numbers or behind your computer screen. Trample on the memory of the brave men fighting and dying for your freedom to play le resistance safely back home. Our founding fathers were racist white men? They weren’t effeminate, sniveling little boys like y’all? The strange part is that the heterosexual, white male who is your main target also seems to make up a good deal of your ranks. Byproducts of years of self loathing and race shaming, no doubt.

Realize this though children, if you actually got your wish and toppled America from within, whatever regime came in and took power would be far worse. All of the pepper spray and plastic shields on earth won’t protect you from real bullets and real tyranny. To your dismay it will probably be an army of white men of European descent wanting to claim America for their glorious motherland! 

ANTIFA is the antithesis of every value they claim. They discriminate, they attack the weak or outnumbered, they terrorize. Worst of all, they lack honor. They lack conviction. They have no heart. They should be crushed like the insects that they are, by big ol American boots!

Now I know why it’s called mass hysteria… it’s hysterical!

Ladys and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the greatest show on earth!!! I’ve always know politics was just a circus. A dog and pony show. Right now thanks to the election of Donald Trump we are seeing some of the best comedy in years. Now, I’m not talking about the liberal talk show dialogues bashing POTUS, I’m referring to the epic melt downs the left are having on a near daily basis!! Pure gold!

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the viral video of  That poor woman breaking down after Trump shook Putins hand. She after all should be an investigative journalist for decoding their Morse code blinking! You can’t make these things up. “Trump touched Putin on the shoulder, there’s your collusion right there people!” Unreal.

Mad Maxine’s incoherent rants, based on pure speculation, about our President. She hasn’t said anything of substance, just repeats the days buzzword: Impeach! Wild eyed, frothing at the mouth, like a cornered rabid squirrel, berating anyone who disagrees with her only real message, “Trump, I hate the man.” All the while she gets rich exploiting low income familys. Priceless.

The MSM and Dems chasing the ghost of a dead Russia narrative like mystery inc. RuhRoh. Hillary like ascoted hero Freddy, always pointing fingers at red herrings. Comy the cowardly shaggy, ZOINKS! It’s got to be some form of irony trusted journalists are lying just to sabotage an elected official. They are the new curled mustachioed villains of our time, tying the truth to the railroad tracks. Dirk Dastardly and Snidley Whiplash reporting the national news. It’s like the Saturday morning cartoons! Boris Badinoff blaming “moose and squirrel” that their nominee lost the election.

Out of touch with reality celebrities threatening the president and tweeting ill informed propaganda to people dumb enough to blindly believe. People who support planned parenthood murder factories telling us a repeal on Obamacare is going to kill us all. Multimillionaires with maids and drivers saying they know what’s best for the poor, a big heaping helping of Socialism! When the wealth is redistributed do you Hollywood hills types think you’ll be immune? Awww bless your hearts, you did. You’ll be on the bread line with the rest of us. Clooney and his no borders rhetoric is fleeing, tail tucked, back to the states to escape the violence and terrorism brought by “refugees “. ROTFLMAO.

Trickle down to these liberal sheep following this rhetoric to fight for PC. We can’t be racist, sexist, xenophobic. We have to accept the fact that Ackbar Shabbaz wants to behead me. I am an infidel after all I deserve it , Allahu Ackbar!!! These libs won’t be happy until America has no cultural identity and they murder us all back into the Stone Age. Why don’t you realize bringing the collapse of society is going to literally kill all of you? Don’t be guilted into submission for things you aren’t guilty off. Cross dressers in the lady’s room, not weird! My daughter should see man parts on a girl, get a little culture! Political correctness trumps my safety! He’s not a homicidal maniac he’s just misunderstood, let him in our house!! 

This mass Trump hysteria is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life. Funny if it wasn’t so sad, that is. How these leftys got so brainwashed I’ll never know. The old saying stands true, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. If you liberals don’t put us before them, a lot of folks will get hurt by enemies foreign and domestic. God bless America and everyone in it. We need it.

What’s so PC about PC anyway?

As the democrats wage jihad against President Trump and ANTIFA causes civil unrest in our streets, I sit and ponder this free speech thing. Freedom of speech, expression, press. You see, the left will try to trick you. Flying a confederate battle flag is a HATE CRIME, but saying Whites are in human and republican politicians shot in the streets deserve to die is free speech. Late night talk show hosts can imply the president performs sex acts on Putin, free speech. Saying I am a proud Caucasian is not. Hypocrisy.

I’m not saying anyone is not entitled to their opinion, I’m saying everyone is, regardless who else disagrees. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t call the majority of middle America “deplorables” and think that’s ok and get upset when someone says Islam is unconstitutional. You want the right to say what you believe the flip side is hearing the opposing view point. We as a people cannot simply say this is what I believe is right now shut up! Everyone has a voice. 

It is an Americans right to fly what ever flag he chooses. I’m not calling for a ban on the ANTIFA flag, though they offend me. I’m not criticizing anyone’s right to believe in a cause no matter how diluted I feel it is. I see the word black power thrown around, when someone says white power they are racist. So then is the black power movement. You want equality amongst Americans stop using the politically correct cop out. 

If it is politically incorrect for a policeman to do his job that makes Anarchy the new PC? They try to crucify every police who kills someone in the line of duty while gang bangers and drug dealers kill each other in record numbers in the same communities. Backwards. 

PC games and crying foul are the underlying cracks in the foundation of our republic. We live in an age where we are told a man out working to feed his family has to pay taxes that feed people who milk and cheat the system for welfare. People selling their food stamps for drug money, people on welfare driving escalades and wearing kicks that cost enough to feed my kids for a week? I refuse to bow, I let you have your opinions, leave me to mine. I’ll stop defending the flag when everyone else stops defending big government control. I don’t want them holding my hand so I won’t hold my tongue.

Still heritage, still hate

     It really makes you wonder doesn’t it, how with all the Russian witch hunting and obstruction nonsense going on where the left is still finding time to destroy confederate heritage? More monuments fall, more public places are renamed and more flags fall everyday. The PC propaganda machine tries to erase a people’s legacy for what? To not offend a cross section of society who seems intent of offending everyone? Everyone can believe as long as they believe I’m right? I for one still don’t buy it. I won’t let anyone take away the memory of my forefathers even if it means legal repercussions or physical retribution. I don’t fight you on your heritage, why fight me on mine.

We live in a country in an age where  it’s ok to mock execute the President for the sake of art but can’t fly a flag honoring a generation butchered fighting for their rights as citizens? We can cuss, dress inappropriately, and glorify violence. God forbid though we pledge allegiance to the flag or pray at the dinner table. Muslim prayer is accommodated in schools but Christian prayer is forbidden. Black lives matter and ANTIFA fly flags, but the confederate battle flag is a symbol of hatred? Racism against whites is encouraged as is violence against conservatives.

I’m not going to be shamed for my race or my heritage. I will not idly sit by while you erase history. If not being embarrassed that I’m white is bigotry I’ll be that. I judge based on personal merit, not skin color. Nor should anyone else.

Self imposed segregation?

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream. He fought Hard and gave his life for the cause, equality and unity.  I don’t remember anything in his message about separatism. So why now does is seem as though modern black rights movements aim for just that? I understand that people, by nature, build communities around ethnic lines. It’s an instinctive trait that likely originated for survival purposes. But that’s neither here nor there.

The civil rights movement in America was fought hard in the streets. People bled, killed, and died for social acceptance. The taking my ball and going home mentality shown nowadays negates everything your forefathers fought for. Whether I agree or society at large agrees doesn’t matter. What matters is that you disrespect the memories of those great men. Benjamin Banneker, Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman. Did Dred Scott die in hopes his descendants would start taking giant steps backwards years later? My heritage is an unpopular one, I defend it though. These movements are a people who have no cultural idententy. No pride in what there ancestors fought so hard to secure.

Race relations in a this country have deteriorated so much in the past decade, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. That being said, I wish everyone of every race could just take a step back and see how far they’ve come. White privilege didn’t exist where I come from. I grew up in poverty without even the benefit of government assistance. My father worked so we weren’t eligible. I grew up in schools where black students were more affluent than me. New hundred dollar sneakers, designer clothes. Me, I had hand me downs and thrift shops. 

I’m not disputing your cause. I’m disputing its effect. Fight for what you believe, I do. Just try and remember why you fight and who fought before you. Honor their memory, don’t tarnish it with ignorance. Hate. If you really want equality, act as equals. Lead by example.