Ladys and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the greatest show on earth!!! I’ve always know politics was just a circus. A dog and pony show. Right now thanks to the election of Donald Trump we are seeing some of the best comedy in years. Now, I’m not talking about the liberal talk show dialogues bashing POTUS, I’m referring to the epic melt downs the left are having on a near daily basis!! Pure gold!

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the viral video of  That poor woman breaking down after Trump shook Putins hand. She after all should be an investigative journalist for decoding their Morse code blinking! You can’t make these things up. “Trump touched Putin on the shoulder, there’s your collusion right there people!” Unreal.

Mad Maxine’s incoherent rants, based on pure speculation, about our President. She hasn’t said anything of substance, just repeats the days buzzword: Impeach! Wild eyed, frothing at the mouth, like a cornered rabid squirrel, berating anyone who disagrees with her only real message, “Trump, I hate the man.” All the while she gets rich exploiting low income familys. Priceless.

The MSM and Dems chasing the ghost of a dead Russia narrative like mystery inc. RuhRoh. Hillary like ascoted hero Freddy, always pointing fingers at red herrings. Comy the cowardly shaggy, ZOINKS! It’s got to be some form of irony trusted journalists are lying just to sabotage an elected official. They are the new curled mustachioed villains of our time, tying the truth to the railroad tracks. Dirk Dastardly and Snidley Whiplash reporting the national news. It’s like the Saturday morning cartoons! Boris Badinoff blaming “moose and squirrel” that their nominee lost the election.

Out of touch with reality celebrities threatening the president and tweeting ill informed propaganda to people dumb enough to blindly believe. People who support planned parenthood murder factories telling us a repeal on Obamacare is going to kill us all. Multimillionaires with maids and drivers saying they know what’s best for the poor, a big heaping helping of Socialism! When the wealth is redistributed do you Hollywood hills types think you’ll be immune? Awww bless your hearts, you did. You’ll be on the bread line with the rest of us. Clooney and his no borders rhetoric is fleeing, tail tucked, back to the states to escape the violence and terrorism brought by “refugees “. ROTFLMAO.

Trickle down to these liberal sheep following this rhetoric to fight for PC. We can’t be racist, sexist, xenophobic. We have to accept the fact that Ackbar Shabbaz wants to behead me. I am an infidel after all I deserve it , Allahu Ackbar!!! These libs won’t be happy until America has no cultural identity and they murder us all back into the Stone Age. Why don’t you realize bringing the collapse of society is going to literally kill all of you? Don’t be guilted into submission for things you aren’t guilty off. Cross dressers in the lady’s room, not weird! My daughter should see man parts on a girl, get a little culture! Political correctness trumps my safety! He’s not a homicidal maniac he’s just misunderstood, let him in our house!! 

This mass Trump hysteria is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life. Funny if it wasn’t so sad, that is. How these leftys got so brainwashed I’ll never know. The old saying stands true, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. If you liberals don’t put us before them, a lot of folks will get hurt by enemies foreign and domestic. God bless America and everyone in it. We need it.


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