Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream. He fought Hard and gave his life for the cause, equality and unity.  I don’t remember anything in his message about separatism. So why now does is seem as though modern black rights movements aim for just that? I understand that people, by nature, build communities around ethnic lines. It’s an instinctive trait that likely originated for survival purposes. But that’s neither here nor there.

The civil rights movement in America was fought hard in the streets. People bled, killed, and died for social acceptance. The taking my ball and going home mentality shown nowadays negates everything your forefathers fought for. Whether I agree or society at large agrees doesn’t matter. What matters is that you disrespect the memories of those great men. Benjamin Banneker, Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman. Did Dred Scott die in hopes his descendants would start taking giant steps backwards years later? My heritage is an unpopular one, I defend it though. These movements are a people who have no cultural idententy. No pride in what there ancestors fought so hard to secure.

Race relations in a this country have deteriorated so much in the past decade, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. That being said, I wish everyone of every race could just take a step back and see how far they’ve come. White privilege didn’t exist where I come from. I grew up in poverty without even the benefit of government assistance. My father worked so we weren’t eligible. I grew up in schools where black students were more affluent than me. New hundred dollar sneakers, designer clothes. Me, I had hand me downs and thrift shops. 

I’m not disputing your cause. I’m disputing its effect. Fight for what you believe, I do. Just try and remember why you fight and who fought before you. Honor their memory, don’t tarnish it with ignorance. Hate. If you really want equality, act as equals. Lead by example. 


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