Immigration or invasion?

Is this a valid question? The way I see it there is no question. When you come to a country and live peacefully with its inhabitants. America is especially easy to assimilate into because of basic freedoms such as religion and speech. Worship who or what you want, say what’s on your mind. Come to America and be (fill in the blank nationality)-American. 

Now, what about coming to a country and abiding by your own laws, our laws be damned? Rallying for all of America’s to be thrown away in favor of the laws of whatever country you left behind (if it was so great why’d you leave? By the way). Trying to recreate this diverse land in your image. That sounds like an invasion to me. A hostile takeover. Freedom of religion gives you a right to practice what you choose, EVERYONE, not just you. Taking others constitutional freedoms away is not immigrating, it’s trying to conquer. We are a country based on the premise that all people have a voice, no matter how unpopular or unfavorable that voice is. That gives you the right to criticize, even mock the beliefs of others. Not the right to take them away. To be American means saying what you feel, what you believe. The PC left is trying to rob us of that. The Muslim extremists try to rob us of our right to practice America’s laws, in favor of sharea law. Our right to feel safe in our schools, churches, and places of business. We are the bigoted bad guys right? Conservatives are suicide bombing office buildings and concerts? Driving cars into crowds? Honor killing our relatives? 
Refusal to live and let live over religious differences is stupid. Historically as ludicrous as it is currently. You can worship Allah and pray to Mecca without bombing innocent civilians, I promise. It is true. Dehumanizing women and raping children is not necessary in your quest for enlightenment. The infidels with their “Christian ” God aren’t doing much raping and pillaging in our saviors name these days. Only evil men with evil intentions hiding behind a guise of righteousness are, and the only gods men like that believe in are themselves.


Deconstruction of the South

Southerners are a proud lot. Descended from frontiersmen and patriots, they possess an independent and defiant spirit. All they want, or have ever wanted, is to be left alone to thrive in peace. Not unlike their brave forefathers, they are willing to fight for just that.

Liberals hate the southern way of life. The left has no room for God, guns, freedom and old fashioned family values, the very things the south was built on. What they are so interested in a people who just want to be let alone is, escapes my understanding. 

The MSM paints people who wish to preserve their heritage as hate mongers and bigots. They would have you believe that everyone below the Mason Dixon line is a card carrying member of the KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, and the national socialist party. I’ve said it numerous times. Flying the confederate battle flag is not racism.

Sherman’s march of destruction through the south never really ended in the minds of northern interests. The American south is still an enemy to be attacked and torn down. Relics of an old right to buried and erased from history and America. The old guard of god fearing Christian families dependent on themselves to survive without big government. To the liberal, that’s the true evil. 

So in closing I say this. Destroy our monuments. Burn and ban our flags.  Disrespect our fallen. Try to erase our heritage. Try to rewrite history in your image. Just know this. The south will not crumble, or go away. Men stand up for what they believe, keep poking the bear and he may well wake up. Liberal cowards should stop throwing lit matches at a powder keg before they have to back up their empty words.

Guns don’t kill people, liberals do!

I’m not here to wax intellectual about the second amendment or gun control laws. I want to say this, if you take guns, stabbings will increase. You take knives, bludgeonings will increase. Take away sticks, strangling will increase. My point is people inclined to take lives will find a way.

There’s an old saying, outlaw guns and only outLaws will have guns. It is as true now as it ever was. Disarming the law abiding citizen makes him a target for those who do not abide by laws. People have a right to defend themselves. Criminals don’t care about consequences of their actions. A lock is only there to keep an honest man honest. The premise of self defense goes the same way. 

Ownership of a gun doesn’t make you the aggressor. It gives you peace of mind that you can defend your loved ones from aggression. Liberals want us defenseless so the criminals they support can thrive off of our vulnerability. Vulnerability to their socialist resime.

Planned parenthood has terminated more human lives a day than every legal firearm in America put together for years. Liberals want death to all things Americans and an unarmed citizen is an easy target. What else would you expect from people who pardon traitors and murderers. People who want to flood America with illegal immigrants raping children. It is my right as a human being to defend my family not just my right as an American. So pry it from my dying hands because I’ll die before I let anyone harm my wife and children.

ANTIFA Cowards of the country 

First things first, take the mask off you project mayhem wannabe reject! You wanna stand for something, stand like a man. Hiding your face like you are ashamed of what you’re doing doesn’t do much to make me believe in your cause. Mask up because you’re afraid, afraid of the consequences of your half assed attempts at revolution. I stand for an unpopular cause, my face isn’t hidden. It’s easy to be brave in numbers, masked literally and figuratively in anonymity. Take the mask off. Be proud of your “cause”. Cowards attacking innocent civilians, you think my flag represents fascism? Shoot the one with folks who are fighting. No, I think we’ll just block some traffic instead. Liberalism embarrasses you? You are ashamed of your socialist rhetoric? No? Then take the mask off and be proud of your soft headed agenda!!!

Feed my kids real food dammit!!

My daughter refuses to eat school lunch. It’s not a case of being picky, today’s school lunches are unpalatable!!( thanks Michelle!) School lunches weren’t spectacular when I went to school, but come on the resembled food in taste and appearance.

Telling our kids they have a choice to eat healthy is one thing, but telling our children they have too? When did the federal government become our children’s parents? Are you gonna come over and dress my kids for school too? If so you can by their school clothes for me. Keep brainwashing our children.

You control what the kids eat and when, you feed kids three meals in school now. Slowly taking parents out of the equation until you are raising generations of subservient drones incapable of independence. Make us all dependent on big government so you can enact your communist socialist agenda.

Keep on feeding my children bad food and lies. Keep trying to indoctrinate our Children with biased information and world views. 

Remember America, what starts with school lunches could end up st your dining room table!

Reverse discrimination 

Reverse discrimination, the term implies an impossible idea. The idea that discrimination is only applicable to certain classes of people. By definition, discrimination is prejudicial treatment of categories of people or things. The phrase reverse discrimination therefore would be the inclusion of everyone without prejudice. We know this isn’t the case.

Only white people are capable of prejudice? Anyone who hates anyone else based on race, creed, gender, or what have you, is prejudice. Period. My defense of confederate heritage makes me a bigot. Calling for white genocide makes a hero!?! I am far from a bigot, and you my misinformed friends are anything but a hero. Discrimination is discrimination no matter how you word it.

 The idea that someone can’t be racist because they are of a certain color is nonsensical. That’s the equivalent of saying I’m a reverse murderer because the man I killed resembled the man who killed someone else. Dumb. Being straight doesn’t make someone homophobic. Being a man doesn’t make you anti feminist. Being conservative doesn’t make you a Nazi. Being white doesn’t make you a racist!

Hiding behind the idea that only white people can Discriminate is ludicrous. The fact that you need a different word to describe the same principle lets me know that you know you are wrong. Just as wrong as the “bigoted” People you claim hold you back. The Ku Kux Klan, whom I do not condone in any way, is a hate group. The Black Lives Matter movement encourages violence against whites and police, condones civil unrest, they sound a lot like a hate group to me.  Black supremacist, yup. Racists, you betcha. Terrorists, perhaps. Reverse discrimination? You be the judge.

I say reverse discrimination doesn’t exist. Hate is hate. Wrong is wrong. They are allowing girls to join the Boy Scouts but I doubt they’ll be any white folks NAACP anytime soon. 

Equal opportunity employment only applies to white owned establishments. The practice unto itself is dangerous. Having to hire a less qualified employee based on meeting some sort of racial quota can potentially endanger coworkers and the public alike. I am not interested in working for any business I feel is discriminating against me. Why, if you thought your boss was racist would you want to make him money?

Stop making up words, you are not reverse discriminating, you are just perpetuating the same old discrimination that has existed since time began. I have been called horrible names by minority’s in my life. Lived through attempted robbery. I’ve been physically attacked over my skin color. I’ve been painted as evil by color and politics. 

I base my opinions on people’s actions, if you want to be seen differently maybe you should start there.

You’ve heard it, the  invalid battle cry of the liberal feminist, ” my body, my choice!” Abortion is your right! I get it. That doesn’t make it right. You made the choice with your body when you chose to fornicate or to not take precautions with your spouse to avoid pregnancy. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t ready yet, you’ll be doing alone, or it would just impede your lifestyle. You fail to realize the truth. That is a living human being inside of you, your child more specifically.

You would take away your child’s right life to protect your choice? If you don’t want said child, adoption exsists. There are many families without the ability to have children who adopt everyday. There are several highly effective Contraception products To prevent pregnancy. You have options. Your baby didn’t.

Now I hear tell of sex selective abortions. Playing God aside. Any one who feels killing an innocent child without having a fighting chance is inhuman. Especially based on gender. I cannot believe any self respecting human being could even fathom terminating a healthy growing fetus, a new human created of your essence, life the most beautiful thing that there is. It is sickening when you think about it.

Late term abortion shouldn’t even exist from a legal stand point. Any doctor who would perform such is comparable to Mengele and his Nazi death camp “doctoring”. You don’t deserve the breath you steal from defenseless children. The parents allowing said procedure don’t deserve the bodies that claim right of choice over, you are the real evil fascists, not conservative family values. Planned parenthood is in essence a concentration camp for unborn children. Sons. Daughters.

At the risk of sounding like a radical. If you want to abort your baby, you should have to go full term, give birth, look that beautiful newborn baby in the eyes and kill him/her by your own hand. Could you? Could you kill your baby if you had to meet face to face first. If you could look into the soul of your progeny. Why is it murder to kill a baby after birth but not before? It is the same child, your child.

You say abortion isn’t murder, I disagree. Murder is the willful termination of human life, is it not? Well then what the hell do you call abortion????

The death of journalistic integrity 

We the people need to stay informed. Having up to date information about our world is more critical than ever. The mediums may have changed over time but we have always sought unbiased information from journalists. From the news paper man of days past chasing down leads to get the truth to the news anchor reading facts, not personal opinions, to us on television, we have depended on the news media for years.

What happens though when the people who give us our information skew it to reflect their agendas instead of the truth? As it turns out, nowadays we are finding out all about it. The media is telling half truths at best and at worst just plain lying at times. Creating news, misquoting people purposely, and twisting people’s words around to forward their leftist cause.

As journalists, you are expected to report life as it happens factually. You are morally obligated to the truth, good or bad. Is spitting your socialist propaganda really worth compromising your integrity? Is it worth damaging your credibility to be a political puppet? Mainstream media has became the lefts defacto mouthpiece, and at what cost? The faith of the American people. Cry wolf enough times and no one will believe you when he’s eating your flock. We don’t want your empty words, we’re not listening anymore.

Journalism is dead, to those seeking the truth anyhow. Everyone one is a pundit nowadays. Everyone has an agenda, and worst of all, everyone is a stooge for the Liberal mind control machine. The truth is out there Americans, you just won’t find it on tv.

Is defending the memory of confederate veterans racist??

The short answer to the question, no. There is of course no simple answer though. Obviously southern sympathies lean towards preserving the memory of their forefathers. Not because the American south is a mythical land of bigoted ogres, but because they have a vested interest in their heritage. Historians want to preserve history as it truly happened. Then there are those who just believe in freedom of speech and expression for EVERYONE, not just the popular opinion.

Sadly, there is hate associated with confederate battle flag. There are bigots using said flag as a message of white supremacist values. I will not argue that that isn’t true. It is. Does this mean everyone with a Dixie flag bumper sticker a racist? Not at all. It has became a symbol of defiance against big government, which was its original purpose. It has became a symbol of the southern United States, again not out of line with its original purpose. If rebelling against the powers that be is the message, every liberal should be flying it right now.

Historians understand our history needs to be preserved, good or bad. The American Civil War happened. Remembering the past is paramount to learning from our mistakes. We cannot move forward without knowledge of our past. Both sides of the conflict learned a valuable lesson or two from the war, we should too. Historians also know the memory of these valiant men, both blue and grey, deserves to be honored by generations yet to come. Baron Manfred Von Richthofen, the bloody Red Baron of World War I, was the enemy. Yet he is remembered as one of the best pilots in history world wide. Some of the best generals and finest fighting men in history fought for the confederate army. Talented American men who deserve their place in history.

I have spent a great deal of time in Appomattox Virginia, the place where the Civil War ended. You can feel the pride and history in the air. The most striking scene to me is a small confederate cemetery along side route 24 near historic Appomattox Courthouse. Along the row of rebel graves, one union soldier rests forever with the fallen. Buried with the same dignity and respect as his adversaries right along with there own. One lone American flag blows in the breeze along the row of confederate battle flags. This is a testament to the respect that these men had for one another. The same respect I have today.

Rest all you noble souls who perished locked in mortal combat. Your fight is over, our fight to preserve your memery wages on! God bless you all……

Socialist indoctrination in our schools 

Schools, like journalists, should report facts to our children. Unbiased facts, not opinions, political or otherwise. I send my children to school expecting a place of learning, what I get instead is a institution of liberal propaganda.

Never mind the fact that the pledge of allegiance is optional nowadays. Forget the fact that religion has no place in school, unless you are Muslim. Who can forget the post election counciling available for kids when Hillary lost the election. Liberal fruit loop parents scared kids into thinking Trump was the antichrist( so theoretically he belongs in schools). Kids shouldn’t be worried about politics when they can’t even do long division yet.

This, though, is the world we live in. A world where left wing rhetoric passes as curriculum. Teachers telling their students Trump is an evil buffoon and if elected America with crumble. Lecturing a bunch of 14 year old kids about white privilege, kids from lower to middle class neighborhoods. Telling a child from a broken home with drug addicted parents that they are privileged? Some of these kids are dealing with poverty and hunger, and you’re race shaming them?

English teachers talking current political issues instead of teaching grammar is asinine. Math teachers who talk about wealth distribution, well it involves numbers. Now social studies class, where politics are perfectly acceptable, what happens? 

The teachers refuse to show the class the inauguration of President Trump. The same teachers four years earlier forced their bored uninterested children to sit through Obamas inauguration in its entirety! Such leftist hypocrisy!

I want a school system that teaches my children the truth , not someone’s version of it. You want to teach my kids politics, fine. I want a point, counter point run down of the issues from perspectives. I want everyone’s views laid out unbiasly, presented factually. Then I want the kids to decide, without coercion, for themselves who they agree with. Not this candidate is evil, my candidate is the second coming. 

You are in a position of authority and persuasion over very impressionable young people. Instead of abusing your position, Instead of using that to your illintented whims, use it to better educate my children. All of our children.