Erasing history is dangerous 

When our friends at the liberal left erase or rewrite history in their own image it poses serious problems. Where does it end? Once you’ve cherry picked every offensive not left leaning aspect from our history, what’s left. A lie, a fabricated version of history which doesn’t coincide with reality. That’s just some Korean dictator type history!

If you take away knowledge of past events we risk repeating the mistakes of our predecessors. We learn from the past, build from its proverbial wreckage. Calculated history is indoctrination. You are molding our future on lies. It’s ironic that the liberals are passive aggressively pushing for a civil war while erasing the memorials of The Civil War! I guess slavery never happened too!?  We’ve already forgotten Abraham Lincolns contrary views on black citizenship and FDR’s internment camps. These figures are too important to the liberal cause to have such stains on their names.

What’s more, taking away someone’s heritage and national pride takes away his willingness to stand for his country. The left is effectively trying to kill patriotism in America. They want to tumble our republic. Make a subservient socialist regime. With out America’s proud fighting tradition, who will protect your “new America” from invasion. I suppose y’all can just have a hug’o’war against the invading hordes. They love throats hugging weak willed pacifists like you.

The fact is our history is paramount in controlling our future. I want my history unbiased and accurate. I want to know what has worked and what hasn’t. The media knows control of the past can cloud our future. As a matter of fact, they count on it. Their weapon of choice is misinformation, knowledge is your best defense.


America’s forgotten minority

No group of people have been stereotyped and misrepresented more than the folks of the American south. Society at large would have you believe that everyone south of the Mason-Dixon is a toothless, illiterate, possibly inbred hate monger. Dare I say it? Is the southerner a discredited against minority?

With an untamable spirit and valuing self reliance and resilience, the southern culture has always been viewed as backward. Misunderstood, mostly out of ignorance, the southern people have been vilified. The poverty stricken southern archetype created by northern interference and inability to let the south alone is what America sees. The key words being let and alone. The man who doesn’t need the government to hold his hand is backwards and wrong. The family who doesn’t want a hand out is evil, especially to the socialist left.

Everyone forgets the shear genius of southern ingenuity. The ability to make something from nothing. The beautiful literary works produced by southern authors. The iconic music created throughout the southern United States by legendary musicians. The military tradition of the south and her great Generals. The strength and dignity to suffer through it all heads held high. Uncompromising pride in their heritage.

From the fishing communities on the bayous to the coal miners in Appalachia. The farmers and cattle in between. Like native Americans before them, the southerner is a Forgotten minority. Views and values out of line with the popular opinion. Living life on their own terms. The left doesn’t like them because they can’t be bullied into submission. The north doesn’t like them because they were the “traitorous enemy” a hundred and fifty years ago. To quote braveheart, “they can take our lives but they’ll never take our freedom!” And that’s just the way they like it.

Mason-Dixon Lies

Being the liberal hot bed of hypocrisy that Baltimore is, her leaders would have you believe the used to be great state of Maryland is a proud union loyal northern town. Not so much, many Marylanders were southern sympathizers during the civil war. Making Mary’s land one of the only states to fight itself during America’s bloodiest conflict.

Lest we forget Maryland falls south of the mason-Dixon making it America’s northernmost southern city, not vise versa. The 1st and 2nd Maryland marched with the Army of northern Virginia. When the war broke out so did riots in the streets of Baltimore. A good portion of Marylanders didn’t believe in the yankee cause. Many of us still don’t. I suspect some of never will.

History paints Maryland as a union state, which it was. We were also a rebel state. I tend to pledge more allegiance to my fathers home state of Virginia, but the fact remains I have spent the better portion of my life on the outskirts of Baltimore. My southern upbringing fits well with the working class and agricultural and fishing industries in Maryland, however the liberal majority around Baltimore City view me as a bigoted, backwards, backwoods throw back to a dead set of values. This more than anything else has strengthened my southern roots and heritage.

Now Baltimores mayor is on the removal of confederate history and wagon. Our city has exponential crime, murder, and addiction rates. Clearly more detrimental to Baltimore than a few statues. 

While we are ridding Baltimore of these relics of hatred, let’s erase the memory of that evil slave owning bigot George Washington’s memery from mt. Vernon and the Washington monument. How about the tourists traps built around famous southerner Edgar Allen Poe? 

The suburban sprawl around Baltimore still shows its rebel pride via bumper stickers and battle flags on the breeze. As a younger generation becomes indoctrinated in our liberal school system it becomes fewer and far between. Those of us fighting for our heritage decline in numbers, but the further from the city line you go, the more Dixie crosses you see. 

Never forget Maryland’s unique story in the war for succession, never forget what your forefathers fought for!

An open letter to ANTIFA

Greetings cowards,

Billy Sligh here, writer, mediocre musician and defender of the old right. I notice you wear masks, I don’t. I stand for my beliefs openly, I don’t hide. People may take you more seriously if y’all didn’t look like henchmen from an 80’s movie. If you really believed in what you are preaching you wouldn’t hide behind anonymity.

I saw the little revolution video too! Cute, way to go guys! Keep playing soldiers. Know this though, if you think you are intimidating anyone you are sadly mistaken. You run around dressed like terrorists and burglars with guns, you are bound to find out the hard way what guns do. There are a lot of Americans willing to kill and die for their beliefs, are you? Threatening someone’s family and way of life is a good way to get your ski mask blown off. Put the guns away and go back to blocking traffic. Those picket signs suit you better than rpg’s.

You are gutless, fighting your little “revolution ” off your mamma’s couches. What if you made the wrong enemies and put them in danger? Is your mothers life worth the cost? Get an apartment of something, you inconsiderate little twit, while your at it stop drinking out the carton and leaving the seat up. Your mom hates that!

You know my name, you can see my face, now let’s see yours. I implore you to take off the masks and stand up like men. Hell, I double dog dare you! Show yourself, show you’re serious. Until you show me you believe in your cause, I doubt anyone else will. I bet I got a better chance of meeting Sasquatch and santa today. Take care kiddos!

My condolences ,

Billy Sligh

Immigration or invasion?

Is this a valid question? The way I see it there is no question. When you come to a country and live peacefully with its inhabitants. America is especially easy to assimilate into because of basic freedoms such as religion and speech. Worship who or what you want, say what’s on your mind. Come to America and be (fill in the blank nationality)-American. 

Now, what about coming to a country and abiding by your own laws, our laws be damned? Rallying for all of America’s to be thrown away in favor of the laws of whatever country you left behind (if it was so great why’d you leave? By the way). Trying to recreate this diverse land in your image. That sounds like an invasion to me. A hostile takeover. Freedom of religion gives you a right to practice what you choose, EVERYONE, not just you. Taking others constitutional freedoms away is not immigrating, it’s trying to conquer. We are a country based on the premise that all people have a voice, no matter how unpopular or unfavorable that voice is. That gives you the right to criticize, even mock the beliefs of others. Not the right to take them away. To be American means saying what you feel, what you believe. The PC left is trying to rob us of that. The Muslim extremists try to rob us of our right to practice America’s laws, in favor of sharea law. Our right to feel safe in our schools, churches, and places of business. We are the bigoted bad guys right? Conservatives are suicide bombing office buildings and concerts? Driving cars into crowds? Honor killing our relatives? 
Refusal to live and let live over religious differences is stupid. Historically as ludicrous as it is currently. You can worship Allah and pray to Mecca without bombing innocent civilians, I promise. It is true. Dehumanizing women and raping children is not necessary in your quest for enlightenment. The infidels with their “Christian ” God aren’t doing much raping and pillaging in our saviors name these days. Only evil men with evil intentions hiding behind a guise of righteousness are, and the only gods men like that believe in are themselves.

Deconstruction of the South

Southerners are a proud lot. Descended from frontiersmen and patriots, they possess an independent and defiant spirit. All they want, or have ever wanted, is to be left alone to thrive in peace. Not unlike their brave forefathers, they are willing to fight for just that.

Liberals hate the southern way of life. The left has no room for God, guns, freedom and old fashioned family values, the very things the south was built on. What they are so interested in a people who just want to be let alone is, escapes my understanding. 

The MSM paints people who wish to preserve their heritage as hate mongers and bigots. They would have you believe that everyone below the Mason Dixon line is a card carrying member of the KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, and the national socialist party. I’ve said it numerous times. Flying the confederate battle flag is not racism.

Sherman’s march of destruction through the south never really ended in the minds of northern interests. The American south is still an enemy to be attacked and torn down. Relics of an old right to buried and erased from history and America. The old guard of god fearing Christian families dependent on themselves to survive without big government. To the liberal, that’s the true evil. 

So in closing I say this. Destroy our monuments. Burn and ban our flags.  Disrespect our fallen. Try to erase our heritage. Try to rewrite history in your image. Just know this. The south will not crumble, or go away. Men stand up for what they believe, keep poking the bear and he may well wake up. Liberal cowards should stop throwing lit matches at a powder keg before they have to back up their empty words.

Guns don’t kill people, liberals do!

I’m not here to wax intellectual about the second amendment or gun control laws. I want to say this, if you take guns, stabbings will increase. You take knives, bludgeonings will increase. Take away sticks, strangling will increase. My point is people inclined to take lives will find a way.

There’s an old saying, outlaw guns and only outLaws will have guns. It is as true now as it ever was. Disarming the law abiding citizen makes him a target for those who do not abide by laws. People have a right to defend themselves. Criminals don’t care about consequences of their actions. A lock is only there to keep an honest man honest. The premise of self defense goes the same way. 

Ownership of a gun doesn’t make you the aggressor. It gives you peace of mind that you can defend your loved ones from aggression. Liberals want us defenseless so the criminals they support can thrive off of our vulnerability. Vulnerability to their socialist resime.

Planned parenthood has terminated more human lives a day than every legal firearm in America put together for years. Liberals want death to all things Americans and an unarmed citizen is an easy target. What else would you expect from people who pardon traitors and murderers. People who want to flood America with illegal immigrants raping children. It is my right as a human being to defend my family not just my right as an American. So pry it from my dying hands because I’ll die before I let anyone harm my wife and children.

ANTIFA Cowards of the country 

First things first, take the mask off you project mayhem wannabe reject! You wanna stand for something, stand like a man. Hiding your face like you are ashamed of what you’re doing doesn’t do much to make me believe in your cause. Mask up because you’re afraid, afraid of the consequences of your half assed attempts at revolution. I stand for an unpopular cause, my face isn’t hidden. It’s easy to be brave in numbers, masked literally and figuratively in anonymity. Take the mask off. Be proud of your “cause”. Cowards attacking innocent civilians, you think my flag represents fascism? Shoot the one with folks who are fighting. No, I think we’ll just block some traffic instead. Liberalism embarrasses you? You are ashamed of your socialist rhetoric? No? Then take the mask off and be proud of your soft headed agenda!!!

Feed my kids real food dammit!!

My daughter refuses to eat school lunch. It’s not a case of being picky, today’s school lunches are unpalatable!!( thanks Michelle!) School lunches weren’t spectacular when I went to school, but come on the resembled food in taste and appearance.

Telling our kids they have a choice to eat healthy is one thing, but telling our children they have too? When did the federal government become our children’s parents? Are you gonna come over and dress my kids for school too? If so you can by their school clothes for me. Keep brainwashing our children.

You control what the kids eat and when, you feed kids three meals in school now. Slowly taking parents out of the equation until you are raising generations of subservient drones incapable of independence. Make us all dependent on big government so you can enact your communist socialist agenda.

Keep on feeding my children bad food and lies. Keep trying to indoctrinate our Children with biased information and world views. 

Remember America, what starts with school lunches could end up st your dining room table!

Reverse discrimination 

Reverse discrimination, the term implies an impossible idea. The idea that discrimination is only applicable to certain classes of people. By definition, discrimination is prejudicial treatment of categories of people or things. The phrase reverse discrimination therefore would be the inclusion of everyone without prejudice. We know this isn’t the case.

Only white people are capable of prejudice? Anyone who hates anyone else based on race, creed, gender, or what have you, is prejudice. Period. My defense of confederate heritage makes me a bigot. Calling for white genocide makes a hero!?! I am far from a bigot, and you my misinformed friends are anything but a hero. Discrimination is discrimination no matter how you word it.

 The idea that someone can’t be racist because they are of a certain color is nonsensical. That’s the equivalent of saying I’m a reverse murderer because the man I killed resembled the man who killed someone else. Dumb. Being straight doesn’t make someone homophobic. Being a man doesn’t make you anti feminist. Being conservative doesn’t make you a Nazi. Being white doesn’t make you a racist!

Hiding behind the idea that only white people can Discriminate is ludicrous. The fact that you need a different word to describe the same principle lets me know that you know you are wrong. Just as wrong as the “bigoted” People you claim hold you back. The Ku Kux Klan, whom I do not condone in any way, is a hate group. The Black Lives Matter movement encourages violence against whites and police, condones civil unrest, they sound a lot like a hate group to me.  Black supremacist, yup. Racists, you betcha. Terrorists, perhaps. Reverse discrimination? You be the judge.

I say reverse discrimination doesn’t exist. Hate is hate. Wrong is wrong. They are allowing girls to join the Boy Scouts but I doubt they’ll be any white folks NAACP anytime soon. 

Equal opportunity employment only applies to white owned establishments. The practice unto itself is dangerous. Having to hire a less qualified employee based on meeting some sort of racial quota can potentially endanger coworkers and the public alike. I am not interested in working for any business I feel is discriminating against me. Why, if you thought your boss was racist would you want to make him money?

Stop making up words, you are not reverse discriminating, you are just perpetuating the same old discrimination that has existed since time began. I have been called horrible names by minority’s in my life. Lived through attempted robbery. I’ve been physically attacked over my skin color. I’ve been painted as evil by color and politics. 

I base my opinions on people’s actions, if you want to be seen differently maybe you should start there.