It really makes you wonder doesn’t it, how with all the Russian witch hunting and obstruction nonsense going on where the left is still finding time to destroy confederate heritage? More monuments fall, more public places are renamed and more flags fall everyday. The PC propaganda machine tries to erase a people’s legacy for what? To not offend a cross section of society who seems intent of offending everyone? Everyone can believe as long as they believe I’m right? I for one still don’t buy it. I won’t let anyone take away the memory of my forefathers even if it means legal repercussions or physical retribution. I don’t fight you on your heritage, why fight me on mine.

We live in a country in an age where  it’s ok to mock execute the President for the sake of art but can’t fly a flag honoring a generation butchered fighting for their rights as citizens? We can cuss, dress inappropriately, and glorify violence. God forbid though we pledge allegiance to the flag or pray at the dinner table. Muslim prayer is accommodated in schools but Christian prayer is forbidden. Black lives matter and ANTIFA fly flags, but the confederate battle flag is a symbol of hatred? Racism against whites is encouraged as is violence against conservatives.

I’m not going to be shamed for my race or my heritage. I will not idly sit by while you erase history. If not being embarrassed that I’m white is bigotry I’ll be that. I judge based on personal merit, not skin color. Nor should anyone else.


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