As the democrats wage jihad against President Trump and ANTIFA causes civil unrest in our streets, I sit and ponder this free speech thing. Freedom of speech, expression, press. You see, the left will try to trick you. Flying a confederate battle flag is a HATE CRIME, but saying Whites are in human and republican politicians shot in the streets deserve to die is free speech. Late night talk show hosts can imply the president performs sex acts on Putin, free speech. Saying I am a proud Caucasian is not. Hypocrisy.

I’m not saying anyone is not entitled to their opinion, I’m saying everyone is, regardless who else disagrees. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t call the majority of middle America “deplorables” and think that’s ok and get upset when someone says Islam is unconstitutional. You want the right to say what you believe the flip side is hearing the opposing view point. We as a people cannot simply say this is what I believe is right now shut up! Everyone has a voice. 

It is an Americans right to fly what ever flag he chooses. I’m not calling for a ban on the ANTIFA flag, though they offend me. I’m not criticizing anyone’s right to believe in a cause no matter how diluted I feel it is. I see the word black power thrown around, when someone says white power they are racist. So then is the black power movement. You want equality amongst Americans stop using the politically correct cop out. 

If it is politically incorrect for a policeman to do his job that makes Anarchy the new PC? They try to crucify every police who kills someone in the line of duty while gang bangers and drug dealers kill each other in record numbers in the same communities. Backwards. 

PC games and crying foul are the underlying cracks in the foundation of our republic. We live in an age where we are told a man out working to feed his family has to pay taxes that feed people who milk and cheat the system for welfare. People selling their food stamps for drug money, people on welfare driving escalades and wearing kicks that cost enough to feed my kids for a week? I refuse to bow, I let you have your opinions, leave me to mine. I’ll stop defending the flag when everyone else stops defending big government control. I don’t want them holding my hand so I won’t hold my tongue.


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