When our friends at the liberal left erase or rewrite history in their own image it poses serious problems. Where does it end? Once you’ve cherry picked every offensive not left leaning aspect from our history, what’s left. A lie, a fabricated version of history which doesn’t coincide with reality. That’s just some Korean dictator type history!

If you take away knowledge of past events we risk repeating the mistakes of our predecessors. We learn from the past, build from its proverbial wreckage. Calculated history is indoctrination. You are molding our future on lies. It’s ironic that the liberals are passive aggressively pushing for a civil war while erasing the memorials of The Civil War! I guess slavery never happened too!?  We’ve already forgotten Abraham Lincolns contrary views on black citizenship and FDR’s internment camps. These figures are too important to the liberal cause to have such stains on their names.

What’s more, taking away someone’s heritage and national pride takes away his willingness to stand for his country. The left is effectively trying to kill patriotism in America. They want to tumble our republic. Make a subservient socialist regime. With out America’s proud fighting tradition, who will protect your “new America” from invasion. I suppose y’all can just have a hug’o’war against the invading hordes. They love throats hugging weak willed pacifists like you.

The fact is our history is paramount in controlling our future. I want my history unbiased and accurate. I want to know what has worked and what hasn’t. The media knows control of the past can cloud our future. As a matter of fact, they count on it. Their weapon of choice is misinformation, knowledge is your best defense.


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