No group of people have been stereotyped and misrepresented more than the folks of the American south. Society at large would have you believe that everyone south of the Mason-Dixon is a toothless, illiterate, possibly inbred hate monger. Dare I say it? Is the southerner a discredited against minority?

With an untamable spirit and valuing self reliance and resilience, the southern culture has always been viewed as backward. Misunderstood, mostly out of ignorance, the southern people have been vilified. The poverty stricken southern archetype created by northern interference and inability to let the south alone is what America sees. The key words being let and alone. The man who doesn’t need the government to hold his hand is backwards and wrong. The family who doesn’t want a hand out is evil, especially to the socialist left.

Everyone forgets the shear genius of southern ingenuity. The ability to make something from nothing. The beautiful literary works produced by southern authors. The iconic music created throughout the southern United States by legendary musicians. The military tradition of the south and her great Generals. The strength and dignity to suffer through it all heads held high. Uncompromising pride in their heritage.

From the fishing communities on the bayous to the coal miners in Appalachia. The farmers and cattle in between. Like native Americans before them, the southerner is a Forgotten minority. Views and values out of line with the popular opinion. Living life on their own terms. The left doesn’t like them because they can’t be bullied into submission. The north doesn’t like them because they were the “traitorous enemy” a hundred and fifty years ago. To quote braveheart, “they can take our lives but they’ll never take our freedom!” And that’s just the way they like it.


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