Being the liberal hot bed of hypocrisy that Baltimore is, her leaders would have you believe the used to be great state of Maryland is a proud union loyal northern town. Not so much, many Marylanders were southern sympathizers during the civil war. Making Mary’s land one of the only states to fight itself during America’s bloodiest conflict.

Lest we forget Maryland falls south of the mason-Dixon making it America’s northernmost southern city, not vise versa. The 1st and 2nd Maryland marched with the Army of northern Virginia. When the war broke out so did riots in the streets of Baltimore. A good portion of Marylanders didn’t believe in the yankee cause. Many of us still don’t. I suspect some of never will.

History paints Maryland as a union state, which it was. We were also a rebel state. I tend to pledge more allegiance to my fathers home state of Virginia, but the fact remains I have spent the better portion of my life on the outskirts of Baltimore. My southern upbringing fits well with the working class and agricultural and fishing industries in Maryland, however the liberal majority around Baltimore City view me as a bigoted, backwards, backwoods throw back to a dead set of values. This more than anything else has strengthened my southern roots and heritage.

Now Baltimores mayor is on the removal of confederate history and wagon. Our city has exponential crime, murder, and addiction rates. Clearly more detrimental to Baltimore than a few statues. 

While we are ridding Baltimore of these relics of hatred, let’s erase the memory of that evil slave owning bigot George Washington’s memery from mt. Vernon and the Washington monument. How about the tourists traps built around famous southerner Edgar Allen Poe? 

The suburban sprawl around Baltimore still shows its rebel pride via bumper stickers and battle flags on the breeze. As a younger generation becomes indoctrinated in our liberal school system it becomes fewer and far between. Those of us fighting for our heritage decline in numbers, but the further from the city line you go, the more Dixie crosses you see. 

Never forget Maryland’s unique story in the war for succession, never forget what your forefathers fought for!


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