Greetings cowards,

Billy Sligh here, writer, mediocre musician and defender of the old right. I notice you wear masks, I don’t. I stand for my beliefs openly, I don’t hide. People may take you more seriously if y’all didn’t look like henchmen from an 80’s movie. If you really believed in what you are preaching you wouldn’t hide behind anonymity.

I saw the little revolution video too! Cute, way to go guys! Keep playing soldiers. Know this though, if you think you are intimidating anyone you are sadly mistaken. You run around dressed like terrorists and burglars with guns, you are bound to find out the hard way what guns do. There are a lot of Americans willing to kill and die for their beliefs, are you? Threatening someone’s family and way of life is a good way to get your ski mask blown off. Put the guns away and go back to blocking traffic. Those picket signs suit you better than rpg’s.

You are gutless, fighting your little “revolution ” off your mamma’s couches. What if you made the wrong enemies and put them in danger? Is your mothers life worth the cost? Get an apartment of something, you inconsiderate little twit, while your at it stop drinking out the carton and leaving the seat up. Your mom hates that!

You know my name, you can see my face, now let’s see yours. I implore you to take off the masks and stand up like men. Hell, I double dog dare you! Show yourself, show you’re serious. Until you show me you believe in your cause, I doubt anyone else will. I bet I got a better chance of meeting Sasquatch and santa today. Take care kiddos!

My condolences ,

Billy Sligh


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