Is this a valid question? The way I see it there is no question. When you come to a country and live peacefully with its inhabitants. America is especially easy to assimilate into because of basic freedoms such as religion and speech. Worship who or what you want, say what’s on your mind. Come to America and be (fill in the blank nationality)-American. 

Now, what about coming to a country and abiding by your own laws, our laws be damned? Rallying for all of America’s to be thrown away in favor of the laws of whatever country you left behind (if it was so great why’d you leave? By the way). Trying to recreate this diverse land in your image. That sounds like an invasion to me. A hostile takeover. Freedom of religion gives you a right to practice what you choose, EVERYONE, not just you. Taking others constitutional freedoms away is not immigrating, it’s trying to conquer. We are a country based on the premise that all people have a voice, no matter how unpopular or unfavorable that voice is. That gives you the right to criticize, even mock the beliefs of others. Not the right to take them away. To be American means saying what you feel, what you believe. The PC left is trying to rob us of that. The Muslim extremists try to rob us of our right to practice America’s laws, in favor of sharea law. Our right to feel safe in our schools, churches, and places of business. We are the bigoted bad guys right? Conservatives are suicide bombing office buildings and concerts? Driving cars into crowds? Honor killing our relatives? 
Refusal to live and let live over religious differences is stupid. Historically as ludicrous as it is currently. You can worship Allah and pray to Mecca without bombing innocent civilians, I promise. It is true. Dehumanizing women and raping children is not necessary in your quest for enlightenment. The infidels with their “Christian ” God aren’t doing much raping and pillaging in our saviors name these days. Only evil men with evil intentions hiding behind a guise of righteousness are, and the only gods men like that believe in are themselves.


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