Southerners are a proud lot. Descended from frontiersmen and patriots, they possess an independent and defiant spirit. All they want, or have ever wanted, is to be left alone to thrive in peace. Not unlike their brave forefathers, they are willing to fight for just that.

Liberals hate the southern way of life. The left has no room for God, guns, freedom and old fashioned family values, the very things the south was built on. What they are so interested in a people who just want to be let alone is, escapes my understanding. 

The MSM paints people who wish to preserve their heritage as hate mongers and bigots. They would have you believe that everyone below the Mason Dixon line is a card carrying member of the KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, and the national socialist party. I’ve said it numerous times. Flying the confederate battle flag is not racism.

Sherman’s march of destruction through the south never really ended in the minds of northern interests. The American south is still an enemy to be attacked and torn down. Relics of an old right to buried and erased from history and America. The old guard of god fearing Christian families dependent on themselves to survive without big government. To the liberal, that’s the true evil. 

So in closing I say this. Destroy our monuments. Burn and ban our flags.  Disrespect our fallen. Try to erase our heritage. Try to rewrite history in your image. Just know this. The south will not crumble, or go away. Men stand up for what they believe, keep poking the bear and he may well wake up. Liberal cowards should stop throwing lit matches at a powder keg before they have to back up their empty words.


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